Design of a Safe and Compliant Sterile Barrier System 13th-14th June 2017, Derry

“An educational seminar of 4 workshops, 6 presentations and a Bemis Healthcare Packaging plant tour – handy training from supply chain professionals to MDM professionals”


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Non-destructive, deterministic, seal-integrity testing for Tyvek lidded trays and pouches
Oliver Stauffer, PTI

BS EN ISO 11607 Part 1 & 2 - Test Requirements
Cathriona O Neill

Latest developments in packaging equipment and automation solutions
Luc van de Vel 

Development Process & Validations - New Pouch Introduction
Annmarie Bracken

Materials - Common failure modes in flexible packaging
Lyndsey McMillian & Jerry McGunnis

Printing of variable data - Requirements and guidance for printing on Tyvek®
Kris D’Excelle

How to successfully design Packaging
Thomas Conroy & Aaron O’Connor